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Welcome to website of The Barbara Ann Iadanza Heart Foundation!  

This Foundation was created in honor of our beautiful mother Barbara, who passed away on August 7, 2001. We believe through the activities of this Foundation we will celebrate our moms spirit, love of life, and kindness and joy that she embodied. Barbara's Heart Foundation will host its first major fundraiser this summer, but collects donations all year long to fund our educational and giving initiatives. True to our mission statement, we bring Foundation efforts to Long Island, NY, where Barbara lived and where her family and friends still keenly feel her loss. We also branch out to neighboring communities where we are trying to make an impact on the lives of so many individuals who suffer from heart related illnesses.

Please visit other pages on our site for more information on how we’re changing lives and celebrating our beloved mom through this Foundation’s work. 

A happy, healthy and loving heart is Barbara's Heart Foundation’s highest priority.

Our Mission

Barbara's Heart Foundation Inc., created in 2011 in the memory of Barbara Ann Iadanza, is a charitable, 
not-for-profit organization. Our mission is to actively serve people stricken by illness as well as their families, to help improve their quality of life, and to help ease their pain and suffering. By conducting charitable functions and events, the Barbara's Heart Foundation will make gifts to organizations dedicated to finding cures to disease and to making the lives of those who suffer a more tolerable, hopeful, and joyful. We shall serve and operate with compassion, with heart, and with caring, the same traits that our namesake instilled in us.

Nine Lives!

As you know, Barbara's Heart Foundation was created in late 2011.  It took us ten years following mom's passing to finally start the philanthropic efforts that bear her name.  But better late than never - and in the case of BHF, late is not such a bad thing.  

In fact, 2020 is our 9th year in helping raise money for organizations that are all near and dear to all our HEARTS.
In fact, we donated over $73,000 in our 9 years. Below are some of the the 21 groups who benefited from Barbara's Heart Foundation efforts since 2011:

Team Lilly                                                               

International Foundation for CDKL5                      
Kara's Hope Foundation                                        

The Sunrise Fund                                                  

Make-a-Wish Foundation                                      

The Ronald McDonald House                               

The American Heart Association                           

St. Jude's Children Hospital                                  

Long Island Cares                                                 

Angela's House 
Autism Speaks 
Helping Makes You Happy
Cure PSP

Now, we write this not to pat ourselves on the back.  We are not seeking congratulations.  Quite simply, Stephen, John, Michael and I want you to know that none of this would be possible without YOU.  Since 2011, we donated to 21 different charities that will have a positive impact on countless families. It was YOUR generosity, YOUR willingness to participate and YOUR willingness to donate your time that made all of this possible.  From the bottom of our hearts, WE THANK YOU!! 

We know it isn't easy as this is largely a family-run charity.  We rely heavily on a small group of sponsors and family and friends to make a difference.  So we are asking for your help yet again - let's make the next seven years better than the first seven years.  Let's swell the ranks of those who believe in the efforts of our home-grown, grassroots charity.  Our next event will be Texas Hold Em on June 26th, and we ask that you pass the word on to as many people as you can!  We look forward to seeing you online.

Without everyone of you, none of this is possible.  
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Barbara's Heart Foundation
Board of Directors

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